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Sustainable Livelihoods: Building on the Wealth of the Poor

This book positions the priorities of the poor at the front of development planning and action, instead of on the back burner of world issues.

Legal Rights of the Poor: Foundations of Inclusive and Sustainable Prosperity

This book seeks to be relevant to the call to address inequalities, injustice, human rights, and social exclusion in a more integrated, holistic, and transformative manner.

Decentralizing Governance

Chapter 13: Decentralization and Legal Empowerment of the Poor

The Role of the Environment in Poverty Alleviation

(ed by Paolo Gallizi) Part 4: Legal Empowerment of the Poor


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Books Reviewed for the International Journal of World Peace

  1. Property Rights and Resilience in East Timor.
  2. United Nations and Changing World Politics.
  3. United Nations in the 21st Century.
  4. The Political Economy of the Middle East.
  5. Understanding Influence. Use of State Building Research in British Policy.
  6. Negotiation Alchemy.
  7. Faith and Practice in Conflict Resolution.
  8. The Neoliberal Subject: Resilience, Adaptation and Vulnerability.

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